Day 5- 28 October 2018


Day 5 -Manifesto (working group 3)

Reported by Vanessa Coralie

Day 5- Manifesto - (working group 1)

Participants from Rodrigues, Seychelles, Brazil, Namibia, Mauritius, South Africa, Pakistan, Zambia, South Africa, Zambia, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Mozambique
[1] Regional strategies
All organisations and workers unite globally
Define the problem regionally
come up with a universal cha (...)

Day 5- Manifesto - (working group 4)

Participants: Nicole Vandemaele, Veena Dolah, Kashmira Banee, David Sauvage, Daniel Tanuro, Claudine Sejean, Mateus Santo Costa, Ken Dorasamy
[1] Food Sovereignty Locally controlled food system based on food sovereignty Free of GMOs and chemicals
[2] Rights of Nature Full recognitio (...)