Day 3- 26 October 2018


Day 3- Session 2- Blue growth and fixes by Carsten Pedersen

Reported by Kashmira Banee

“The knowledge I hold on the ocean has been taught to me by small scale fishers,” said Carsten Pedersen of the Transnational Institution (TNI) as he began the second session of the third day of the international School of Ecology.

Day 3- Session 3- Reporting session of working group on ocean economy

Reported by Swany Fakir

Carsten Perdersen, resource person from TNI Fisherfolk from Netherland requested all participants to debate and do a presentation on a concrete example of a project which falls the area of blue economy

Day 3- Session 4- Panel Discussion on Blue Economy

Reported by Simiso Mlevu

In Papua New Guinea and Pakistan, Chinese nationals and corporates are building roads and grabbing corridors to facilitate transportation of proceeds from exploitation of marine products

Day 3: Session 1: The Tragedy of the commons by Christian Adams

Reported by Kashmira Banee

Amandla Abalobe! ( Power to the fisher folks!)

“We are allowed to eat a fish, but not to sell our catch to make of living of, or send our children to school,” said Christian Adams, a fisherman and chairperson of the Coastal Link association, member of the (...)