Day 1- 24 October 2018


Day 1- Session 1: Introduction to the ecological crisis by Hanna Holleman, an assistant professor in Sociology at the University of Amherst

Reported by Kashmira Banee

Under the attention of the enthusiastic audience of SOE 2018, Hanna Holleman, assistant professor in Sociology at the University of Amshert, began her fruitful day on the ecological crisis.

Day 1- Session 2: Anthropocene and the earth system by Hanna Holleman

Reported by Swany Fakir

We have only 12 years for the global warming to be maintained at a maximum of 1.5 degrees celsius rise. A mere 0.5 degrees celsius above that will result in massive extinction of species, will worsen the risk of droughts, floods, extreme heat and poverty for hundr (...)

Day 1- Session 3: Upsurge in environmental activists’ murder, capitalism blamed by Hannah Holleman

Reported by Simiso Mlevu

“Life, not only of environmental activists, but of every living organisms and human beings, is becoming more and more expendable as corporates seeks to expand their empires”

Opening address of the school of ecology by Ashok Subron

Reported by Kashmira Banee

The urgency for a system change is NOW. Never before in the history of humanity have we reached such an infested degree of planetary ecological crisis. The situation is only deteriorating. Though conservative, this landmark report of the Intergovernmental Pan (...)

PPT on the Understanding the Ecological Rift of Capitalism: The Anthropocene and Planetary Boundaries by Hannah Holleman