Profile of Resource Persons

Hannah Holleman

Hannah Holleman, an assistant professor in Sociology at Amherst College in the United States teaches several modules from the Footprints on the Earth: The Environmental Consequences of Modernity and Financial Crisis and the Future of Democracy to Making Peace with the Planet: Environmental Movements and Ideas and Reproducing Social Order: Prisons, Schools and the Military. Well versed with the question of colonialism, racism, gender issues, ecological inequalities and global trade, Hannah also contributes to the eminent magazines of Monthly Review.

Daniel Tanuro

Daniel Tanuro is a Marxist, agricultural engineer and environmentalist. Author of the Green Capitalism: Why it can’t work (2013), Daniel is bringing substantial contributions to the analytical understanding of ecosocialism. He is one of the signatories to the Belem Ecosocialist Declaration published in 2008. Many of his articles appeared in the LCR-SAP, Belgium section of the Fourth International. As a leading activist, Daniel holds a pertinent stand on the question of politics of climate change.

Carsten Pedersen

Carsten Pedersen is an activist dedicated in the issue of fishing agreements, marine protected areas, blue carbon and ocean grabbing. He has been working closely with small-scale fishers in South Africa and is part of the World Forum of Fisher Peoples.

Christian Adams

Christian Adams is an activist and small scale fisher from the West Coast of South Africa. Chairperson of the Coastal Links South Africa, member of the World Forum of Fisher People, he defends the rights of thousands of small scale fishers in his country. As an ardent negotiator, he is helping in the formulation of small scale fisheries policy and the review of fishing law that holds no provision for small scale fishers in South Africa.

David Sauvage

David Sauvage is one of the leading activists of Rezistans ek Alternativ, an ecosocialist political party in Mauritius. As a radical copy-left software engineer, David extended his philosophy of Peer to Peer to the conceptualisation of the cooperative of the Commons. Equally involved in the beach grabbing protest movement, he is at the front-line of the campaign of the ESA Bill Now. Among the various political subjects which hold his reflections, are the politics of climate change and false solutions, deep ecology and the rights of nature.

Brian Ashley

Brian Ashley is part of the organising team (the people’s dialogue) for the School of Ecology. Besides being a leading activist for a deep social transformation, Brian is the editor of Amandla magazine and part of founding members of the Alternative Information and Development Centre (AIDC). New politics, just transition, a million climate jobs and the Right to say No campaign are among the many political questions which Brian is working on in South Africa.

Jannes Umlauf

Jannes Umlauf is an activist and a trainer in political education and direct activism including the protection of trees and animal rights. He works with the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung and is part of the Climate Justice Movement. Jannes has a blog in which he shares his political reflections.