About: Indian Ocean People’s Conference

The Indian Ocean Peoples’ Conference – IOPC, will be held on the 30th and the 31st of October.

The Opening, 30th October 2018, will be held at the Mauritius Maritime Academy, situated at Point Aux Sables. School participants staying at Senlis Sur Mer, will be provided transport to attend the Opeining.

The second and last day, the 31st of October will be held at Senlis Sur Mer, Riambel.

The Conference is intended to participants of the School of Ecology 2018, as well as to islanders, social, trade union, workers, fisher folk, youth, and ecological movements as well as academics, artists and ocean-nature lover of Mauritius.

The Conference will consist of plenary inputs-debates from eminent researchers, academics and activists from different parts of the planet, specially from Indian Ocean, Coastal Africa and other Ocean’s People. The objective of the Indian Ocean Peoples’ Conference is to lay the foundation of a future Indian Ocean Peoples’ Movement to address:

• The rising impact of the climate and ecological crisis on the Indian Ocean and its People.
• The plundering, capture and extractivism of the ocean commons and wealth
• The increasing militarism/nuclearisation of the Ocean
• Failure of institutional power, economic-social systems in protecting the Ocean and its people.

The Conference wishes to create a process for the ocean islands’ peoples to voice out their concerns and demands towards global powers, who the main responsible for global warming and ecological crisis, to re-claim sovereignty over the Indian Ocean and to struggle for Nature (Ocean) Rights to be reality.