Warm welcome to the School of Ecology 2018!

As we are approaching the 2018 School of Ecology, CARES would like to reiterate its warmest gratitude for your participation to the School and we are really looking forward to share this exciting experience.

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The one week event of Mauritius, could not have been so timely. On the 8 October, a major new report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), validated the fears and views that social movements and activists had been advocating for years: the average global temperature is now 1.0°C above pre-industrial levels and only radical economic change can stop catastrophe!

In this context, this School aims at being an amazing collective learning space for addressing the ecological crisis, as well as being a crossroad for sharing struggles, comradeship, love and hopes.

You will soon receive an invitation letter from CARES that we recommend you to keep on you whilst traveling for immigration purposes here.

Over and above practical information that you have already received in the background document, we wish to bring to your attention the following:

Boarding pass: It is essential that you keep all your boarding passes and hand over to us once in Mauritius for our administration.

Arrival to the airport: You will find a comrade at your arrival holding a card bearing the name of School of Ecology. In case of emergency, please phone comrade Narrain on the: 23057780035

Personal effects: Some of you will be lodge at the venue of the School Senlis-sur-Mer, in nearby bungalows and (if you like too) in camping tents. In all cases accommodation will consist of basic rooms. We propose that you bring your towels, tooth paste and other items of personal usage.

Visuals: As we will be from different countries and organisations, we would much appreciate if you could bring the flag of your country and any flag/banner of your organisation.

Study trip visit

Study trip visits are integral part of the School and will be on the Monday 29th of October.

Participants will need to choose from 5 possible study visits. Places for those visits will be limited and we shall proceed on the first days of the school with visits booking. However we recommend that you already identify the study visit that interest you and bring along appropriate outfit.

** For participants wishing to be in the Option B study visit you will need to be used to snorkelling and have your own snorkel gears.

Below is the list of planned study visits from which you will need to choose :

Think about bringing your swimming suit, we might consider in ending study trip visit at a nearby beach so that you can enjoy nice lagoon swimming at the beginning of summer.

Jam’n Pou Losean (Jamming for the Ocean)

Art has always been part of struggles it brings power, energy, hope and humanity. During the School we will be having a cultural night on the Saturday 27th of October at 19:15. We are thus encouraging each participant to imagine their contribution to that space in terms of song, poetry... If you play of any instrument please feel free to bring it along.

Again on behalf of the Center for Alternative Research and Studies warm welcome to Mauritius!