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About: Indian Ocean People’s Conference

Nou Losean pe Sofe, pe Piye, pe Militarize, pe Vole |
Konferans Internasyonal Koste Pep Losean Indyen
Mardi 30 Oct | Maritime Academy, Pointe Aux Sables | 9.30 a.m ziska 3.00 p.m


Whilst climate crisis is being increasingly assertive, we are witnessing the real impact on human society. Not a single continent is being spared from natural calamity due to global warming; might it be fire, drought, flood, typhoons and new epidemics just to name a few. The Food and Agric (...)

Bain de Rosnay — a nest of struggle

Bain de Rosnay is situated in the North of Mauritius. Beside assisting local people, seaferers and fishermen to meet their daily livelihood, Bain de Rosnay offers access to an array of small islands like Ile D’ambre, Ile Monique and Trou coco. The tranquility of this place is now und (...)

Conférence des peuples de l’océan Indien : «Peuples de l’océan Indien, réappropriez-vous l’initiative politique»


Day 1

The universe is communicating with us each and every minute
Still our mind, we will hear her breathe
Focus our eyes, she will show to us- her endless colours together mixed in love
Listen, the melodies of her crashing waves will sooth our soul
Rainbow unfurls; this warm morning sun (...)